Snow Gets By With Help From A Little Friend


Justuss & SnowJustuss and Snow sing together.During a recent performance at the second annual KISS 92.5 Fan’s Choice Awards, Canadian artist Snow was joined by a very special guest. Justuss, his seven-year-old daughter, appeared onstage and chimed in with her dad on his new single, ‘Legal’. The father-daughter duet was a hit among the young audience, even if one of them did steal the show.

‘She got a bigger response than I did,’ Snow admits. ‘When I got off the stage, people were like, ‘Good job!’ to her and they didn’t say nothing to me and I got all jealous and stuff. It was beautiful.’

Although best known for his 1993 reggae hit, ‘Informer’, Snow claims that he’s ‘not really a dancehall artist. I’ve always been known to mix it up.’ His latest album, Two Hands Clapping, is no exception; it incorporates many influences including R&B, pop and rap. Overall, however, the album finds Snow exploring dancehall reggae.

‘My last album, I loved it, but I just knew… like, you know when you eat a food and it tastes really good but it’s just missing something but you didn’t know it at the time?’ According to Snow, that missing ingredient was ‘Jamaican hot sauce.’ This time around, producers Dave and Tony Kelly helped to bring the reggae out of him again.

In addition to reggae, a distinct hip-hop element is evidenced by guest rappers Jelleestone and Chris Black. Although it may appear to be the decision of savvy record executives, the collaborations actually arose through chance. During his recording sessions, Snow bumped into Jelleestone one day in the studio’s parking lot and the two naturally decided to join forces. ‘I didn’t call him,’ Snow says. ‘It was there. It had to be. Same with Chris Black.’

A firm believer in destiny, Snow feels that he is on the cusp on something big with Two Hands Clapping. Every day, he sees the signs around him. ‘This is my time. This is my seventh album, my daughter’s seven. I played golf the other day, and on the seventh hole, a tornado came and ripped through the golf course,’ he explains. He further points out that the locker that was assigned to him by his record label is number 322, which equals seven when added together.

‘So if this ain’t the album, then I better find a new locker,’ he jokes. ‘Maybe 8.’


  1. Amazing Beautiful ♥️ Snow you have Beautiful Soul and You and your Daughter Look Amazing in Matching Shirts, Love ♥️ and Light

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