VLAD TV Interview: Part 10

Snow talks about being the first successful White Reggae singer, which DJ Vlad thinks helped pave the way for other non-Jamaican Reggae singers such as Matisyahu.

He discusses growing up in Allenbury Gardens, his love for rock and roll, and how his next door neighbour got him into the reggae music.

Finally, Snow shares what it was like to visit Jamaica, and be mentored by other musicians there. He also gives DJ Vlad a little history lesson about the historical connection between Jamaicans and the Irish, and how it stems all the way back from Slavery in the Caribbean.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 09

Snow speaks about linking up with Daddy Yankee for “Con Calma,” which shot up in the Billboard charts and marked the first time in nearly 30 years that Snow had topped the charts.

Snow also speaks about winning awards with “Con Calma”, and talks about Drake being the biggest artist out of Canada.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 08

Snow speaks about his partner and mother of his child, passing away at 41 from cancer. Snow says that he had a good support system that helped him through the situation.

He also speaks about the CEO of Yahoo asking him to create a song to be played while people were on hold at the company, and signing with Bugatti Music.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 07

Snow discusses having his first daughter in 1996, and having another daughter three months later in Jamaica.

He talks about trying to keep both situations separated for as long as he possibly could, but it eventually came out that he had fathered another child in Jamaica.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 06

Snow talks about the lack of success that came from his second album, and attributed this to his inability to come back to the U.S. to promote the album.

He also speaks about being sued by Marvin Prince, and how he managed to collaborate with MC Shan to write “Informer”, while serving time in prison.