Snow Teams Up With Canadian Author To Help Families In Public Housing Project


Claudette McGowan & SnowOn Sunday September 6th, 2009 reggae artist Snow will launch the new non-profit organization Pure Snow NGO (non-government organization).

Founded by Snow, this organization will assist tenants living in non-profit housing. The goal is to help residents improve their neighborhood and their lives by helping families socially and economically.

As a former resident of Allenbury, Snow understands the real needs that exist in housing communities; “I would have been so happy for a backpack and school supplies, or resources that told my family how we can get free things when we need them. Pure Snow is focused on providing REAL assistance to communities in need” says Snow.

Under the leadership of Snow and with the support of his Board, sponsors, donors, and volunteers Pure Snow aims to help residents of public housing realize their full potential and achieve success.

One of Snow’s partners is Canadian author and BMO Technology Manager, Claudette McGowan. McGowan knows the impact financial hardship can have on families, having spent three-years researching and writing her book Da Ultimate Hookup – Free things for all Canadians.

The book profiles how Canadians can access free things such as baby food, scholarships, free dinners, contact lenses, business training, and even computers – all stuff that are needed by people living in low-income housing.

The book also tells readers how to earn extra money by profiling online job opportunities, mystery shopping gigs, $100 hookups (a weekly draw on and $500 grants for single mothers.

For free backpacks, Allenbury tenants should go to Allenbury’s pool parking lot on Sunday September 6th between 2:00pm and 4:00pm for a fun-filled afternoon of free food, free games and prizes, free entertainment, free school supplies and a free copy of Da Ultimate Hookup: Free things for all Canadians.

“Donors, sponsors, volunteers and other supporters are key to the success of this organization. We have achieved a lot in a short amount of time because people understand that Pure Snow addresses a real issue – struggling families. We are starting with Allenbury and we intend to work with similar communities, providing them similar support and resources.” says Jessica Lambert, former Allenbury resident, and CEO of T.J. Solutions.


One way to make a donation to Pure Snow NGO is by visiting the organization online at or attending the September 9th, Fundraising Event at the Court House in Toronto, 57 Adelaide Street East. This event begins at 9:00pm and will be jam packed with music, catering, live performances, and hundreds of the entertainment and business industry’s elite including a star-studded guest list. This event is by guest list only – all media are welcome and should RSVP to 416-562-9737.

People wanting to be added to the guest list should email Admission is by confirmed RSVP only. This event is sponsored by TBM Entertainment, DKO (Darrin Kenneth O’Brien) Entertainment, Coco & Lowe, Skyy Vodka, and T.J. Solutions.

“It is overwhelming to see the level of support and collaboration that has gone into ensuring Pure Snow achieves its mission to help tenants in housing. We have even secured a radio sponsor for an upcoming artist and producer competition.” says Snow.

The competition is aimed at providing upcoming artists and producers with an opportunity to showcase their talent and have their single promoted. The competition will invite artists and producers to download and remix Snow’s latest single for an opportunity to win a spot on the single, in the video and also to perform live with Snow.

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