Snow Helps Narrow The Canada/Egypt Gap


Canadian based organization Visionnation have organized Vision 2004, a music and culture festival which will take place in Ottawa and in Cairo, Egypt.

The festival was organized by Visionnation representatives in Canada and Egypt to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries and to showcase their strengthened relationship. The first of the two festivals will be held in Egypt near the site of the Great Pyramids on May 28 and 29 and the second will be held in Ottawa on June 12th and 13th.

Visionnation is an organization started by musicians whose purpose is to erase negative perception and stereotypes between Middle Eastern and Western nations. The festivals provide a platform for different cultures to interact, and to educate and expose people to a different culture through music, food and crafts. Proceeds from the festivals will go to charities selected by the host city.

The 16 performers at the festival will represent many different genres of music, including electronic, rap, rock and aboriginal. The complete lineup will be announced soon, but so far several well-known Egyptian artists are scheduled to make the trek to Ottawa to represent their country and Canadian pop/reggae artist Snow has been confirmed to perform.

Tickets for Vision 24 will go on sale April 25th. The proceeds for the Ottawa show will go to The Ryan’s Well Foundation, an organization that provides fresh water wells in impoverished African nations. For the complete list of performers, charities and other information visit the official Vision 2004 website.

*Stop Press* … The dates for the festival in EGYPT have changed from May 28th – 29th 2004 to August 4th – 5th 2004, Ottawa dates HAVE BEEN CANCELLED, new dates to be announced.

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