VLAD TV Interview: Part 05

Snow opens up about being kicked out of the U.S. and Japan after the success of his first album, and how this led to him and MC Shan heading down to Jamaica to start recording his second album, “Murder Love.”

He also speaks about how he came up with the hook for one of his best-selling songs, “Anything For You”, which he ended up recording a remix version of, with some of his music idols.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 04

Snow explains the meaning behind his hit song “Informer,” which he says is about his two attempted murder charges.

Snow also speaks about alcohol being a problem, and buying his mom a house, and his father a trucking business off the success of “Informer.”

VLAD TV Interview: Part 03

Snow talks about the multiple stories behind his stage name, and which one he personally subscribes to, and which he dismisses. He touches on the contentious relationship he had with Marvin Prince, and the role that he played in his career.

Snow also reflects on the success he received in the reggae lane, and whether he got any pushback for being a white guy in that predominantly black (Caribbean) space.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 02

Snow talks about going to New York while on bail, and linking up with MC Shan in Queens. This leads to Shan finding out that Snow can rap and sing. From there, they go to MC Shan’s house and record a host of songs, including “Informer.”

Snow also speaks about signing a record label deal with EastWest, and shooting a video to “Informer” before going back to Toronto, where he was sentenced to a year in jail for an assault charge.

While in jail, Snow’s “Informer” video dropped on Rap City, which led to inmates asking for his autograph.

VLAD TV Interview: Part 01

Snow gets interviewed on VLAD TV where he talks about growing up in Toronto with his mother, and dropping out of high school in grade nine, which led him to not being able to fully read or write.

He also talks about his troubled past, which started when he was first arrested at the age of 14, and eventually led him to being charged for two attempted murders a few years later.