Snow in Jamaica: An Exclusive Interview with Reggae Artist Snow

post-snow-in-jamaica_250x250Internationally-renowned reggae artist Snow made his return to Jamaica earlier this year (where it was actually a fairly major story) after enduring several hardships in the previous months and years, including the death of a loved one. But the Canadian-born Snow is back with a new lease on life, recording new music in Jamaica alongside bona fide legends.

“Jamaica called me back,” Snow said of his return to the island in an exclusive interview with FEVA TV. “I love Canada, I love America, all over, but Jamaica called me back.”

The artist, who still holds the record for the best-selling reggae single in history for his breakthrough early-‘90s hit ‘Informer’, says he got a very warm welcome when he returned to Jamaica.

“When I arrived in Jamaica, everyone said ‘Snow, welcome home!’” he remembers of his homecoming (which also involved dancehall legend Ninajaman personally picking him up from the airport). He continues to record new music and release singles, but says he has no concrete plans for a traditional album of new material — a release format many industry observers say is obsolescent in the digital age.

“I’m just having fun,” he says of his current plan to focus on releasing singles on his independently-owned DKO label, and the Canadian dancehall veteran has lined up some pretty incredible talent to work with.

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Hands Up – Snow ft. Mystic Revealers

Snow has announced the release of his next single from his still untitled album which is due out soon. The new single is a remix of a previously unreleased track called ‘Hands Up’ which features the legendary Reggae Band Mystic Revealers.

Snow posted on Twitter last night “get ready… releasing new record tonight!!!!”, then followed it up with “why should the radio stations be the only ones to hear my song first!? I’m uploading the record to SoundCloud tonight., You should have it first.”

He then stayed true to his word and shared the song on SoundCloud. Snow also mentions that a video to the song ‘Hands Up’ will also be posted on YouTube soon.