The Adamantium Podcast: Episode 15 – Snow Interview

Snow joins Adam R. Harrison on the latest episode of The Adamantium Podcast to discuss the 25th anniversary of his massive hit, “Informer,” and how the song changed his life after it went number one and became the highest selling reggae song of all time.

Snow also talks about the time he was charged with two accounts of attempted murder, singing in the jail house, and sharing a cell with his father, brother, and uncles.

He also talks about his band, Icon, with members of Treble Charger and Sum 41, performing with his hero, Cocoa Tea, sneaking into a Wham concert as a teenager, the advice he received from Gene Simmons, his love for Liam Gallagher, and how he manages a life of sobriety on the music and party scene.

Reggae legend Snow on “Informer 2018” and following the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Snow on stage at SOCAN Awards 2017
Snow on stage at SOCAN Awards 2017

One of the most memorable songs of the early 1990s, “Informer” was an award-winning track that sold over eight million copies worldwide. Furthermore, “Informer” holds the distinction of being the best selling reggae single in U.S. history, according to the Guinness Book Of World Records.

But “Informer” was not Snow’s only hit, as “Girl I’ve Been Hurt”, “Everybody Wants To Be Like You”, and “Sexy Girl” have also charted internationally; follow-up albums Murder Love, Justuss and Mind On The Moon were also major label releases that sold respectably. Furthermore, Snow was the recipient of a SOCAN Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

As they say, everything old is new again at some point, and 2018 has brought the release of “Informer 2018” from the acclaimed reggae artist. To learn more about that, in addition to Snow’s long-term appreciation of the National Hockey League, I spoke with Snow himself.

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Iconic Reggae Artist Snow Releases the Official Music Video for “Informer 2018”

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Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, the Canadian reggae artist known as Snow, has debuted the official music video for his latest release, “Informer 2018”. The music video for the re-worked version of his chart-topping single from 1993 continues the 25th anniversary celebration of the release of Snow’s song “Informer”. The brand new version of Snow’s breakout reggae single is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms.

To bring the music video for “Informer 2018” to fruition, Snow teamed up with Roton Music and flew out to Bucharest, Romania to film for several days. The video was directed for Radikal Records by acclaimed Romanian music video director Bogdan Pau of Next Generation Media Creative. In the “Informer 2018” music video, Snow appears at a night-club with a surprise performance, as the club-goers vibe to the infectious beat of his newly re-worked version of “Informer”. The vividly-colored, bright video embodies the vibrant new energy behind the new “Informer 2018”, a collaboration between Snow and one of the UK’s hottest production teams, Audiofreaks.

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