SOCAN Awards 2017

Former International Achievement Award winner Carly Rae Jepsen presented Snow with the SOCAN Classic Award before both Snow and Maestro Fresh Wes closed the show with a surprise, high-energy performance of their respective massive hits, ‘Informer’ and ‘Let Your Backbone Slide.’

Murder Master Music Show – Episode 411 – Snow Interview

Snow appeared on episode 411 of the Murder Master Music Show where he talks about being in jail with all his family when he was younger, and how he came to write the song ‘Informer’, in jail. He also talks about how he became a reggae artist and what he thinks about today’s music.

Interestingly, in this interview, he mentions that he is no longer allowed to travel within the U.S. and that it is hard for him to get down to Miami to finish working on his unreleased album. I really do not understand why the U.S. keep revoking his travel visa. He was acquitted of a crime he did not commit. Does that not make him innocent in the U.S. like it does other countries?

Sadly, this somewhat explains the delay in the release of the new album. They do however play a un-mastered version of a track called ‘Heart of Stone’ which is currently an unreleased track, possibly from the new album.