Behind the Vinyl: Informer

Snow sits down with Boom 97.3 Behind the Vinyl, and talks about how he came to write his smash hit “Informer”, while in jail on a murder charge.

He also talks about meeting MC Shan, and filming the video to the song “Informer”, before being sent back to prison on another charge. He also mentions flying around the world to perform, before being banned from the US and Japan, and how that affected him as an artist.

Roz & Mocha: Interview

“Informer,” by Snow has been inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, 30 years after it was first released back in 1993.

Snow appeared on the Roz & Mocha morning show on Kiss 92.5 in Toronto to celebrate the song being inducted. He talks about the songs success, and where he was when he first saw the music video for the song.

We Love Hip Hop Network Interview

We Love Hip Hop interviews Snow where it talks in detail about growing up in Allenbury, spending time in jail, meeting MC Shan in New York, which led him to making his first album, and the smash hit single ‘Informer’.

He also talks about being banned from the US and Japan, his criminal record, being sued by Marvin Price, and more.